Easy Out, by Arthur Bicknell (world premiere)

The newest play by the author of Homecoming Players’ 2014 breakout hit, Dotty, Easy Out focuses on the tumultuous battle for power, raging between Gerald Metcalf—a middle-age, repressed gay man (the teenage protagonist of Bicknell’s earlier and critically acclaimed play, My Great Dead Sister), and Angel—the boorish and resentful younger sister of Albert (Gerald’s narcissistic, homophobic, and currently dying longtime companion). With unlikely assistance from Andy, a charming hospice nurse, Gerald struggles to find a way to break out of the closet and into the unchartered territory of Act Three of his life.

“Bicknell has succeeded in shaping all his characters into interesting human beings, totally believable, easily identifiable, and in so doing has created an absorbing, moving play that lingers in memory long after the final curtain.”



Mike Davie as Andy

Elizabeth Livesay as Angel

Chris Nickerson as Gerald

Directed by Rachel Hockett

Stage Manager: Kristina Feldesman

July 28-30

Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm

Sunday at 4:00 pm

Kitchen Theatre Company

417 West State Street